The Best True to Taste ECigarette Cartridges

Last updated on July 18th, 2017

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Whether you’re looking for a great e-cigarette starter kit, or you just want to find the best tasting e-cigarette cartridge flavors, you’ll find this review helpful.

I’ve been testing e-cigarette kits since 2005 and I’ve been through a lot of cartridges; from the great tobacco flavors of V2Cigs to the ghasty tutti fruity flavors of South Beach Smoke. (That's not to say SBS doesn't have outstanding vaporizers!)

Of course e-cigarette cartridges flavors are subjective as we all have different taste preferences. I’ve confirmed my choices by checking out several ecig forums, as well as researching customer reviews on the respective e-cigarette websites. Here are my selections for the best true to taste ecig cartridges.

From V2Cigs 

Best V2 Cartridge Flavors

It’s hard to find a bad cartridge flavor at V2. I found one, but I’ll leave that for the end. My favorite flavor is Green Tea Menthol because it’s refreshing and true to it’s name. You can really taste each flavor and neither is overpowering. It’s like iced green tea with a sprig of mint.

I also like V2’s Vanilla which is smooth and flavorful. Another fave is Cola. I was amazed that it really tastes like a Coke.

V2 always has a few limited edition ejuice flavors that seem to stick around for months on end. Their Chocolate Truffle is one edition I hope becomes a regular.

If you’re looking for an excellent tobacco flavor, V2Cigs has it with their popular V2Red. They have several tobacco blends to suit all tastes. My least favorite (okay, I truly hated it) was their Congress tobacco flavor.

With so many great flavors, I recommend their Flavor Sampler Cartridges

I should also mention that V2 has new EX Cartridges that have a window where you can see how much liquid is left in your cartridge. 

From Halo Ecigs

Best Halo Cartridges

Halo is perhaps best known for their outstanding e-liquids,  but they also make outstanding cig-a-likes and have fabulous flavor cartridges. Halo’s now legendary G6 was PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” for the best ecigarette on the market. Not too shabby. Many of the same e-liquids used in their Triton Tank System are also available in handy replaceable cartridges which fit both the G6 and Triton battery. The most talked about flavors are also some of the best around.

Halo PreFilled Cartridges

Nothing quite comes close to Halo's Belgian Cocoa for a truly decadent vape. It’s probably the richest chocolate flavor you can buy for your ecig. Shamrock combines chocolate with mint so it tastes like a peppermint patty.

Tribeca is Halo’s version of the smooth tobacco flavor RY4. It has sweet top notes of vanilla and caramel.

Malibu comes from Halo’s gourmet line of flavors. It’s a pina colada with a hint of mint. Quite exotic.

There are Nine Flavors in all.

There you have it..convenient, replaceable E-Cigarette Cartridges with the outstanding flavors of the top e-liquids.

Happy Vaping.



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    • Shelia Martin on July 22, 2017 at 12:09 am
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    Does V2Cigs or Halo ecigs offer free samples. I am thinking about changing companies but I’m not sure which one. I use the ecig cartridges, they are just more convenient than the tanks.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Ecig companies no longer offer free samples due to new regulations. It’s a “save the children” thing ;). Both Halo and V2 have return policies, but only for unopened packages or defective product. Still both companies have excellent products. Your choice may be determined by the prefilled flavor cartridges each company offers. Check them out at HALO and V2

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