The Best True to Taste ECigarette Cartridges

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Last updated on December 21st, 2019

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Convenient, Replaceable E-Cigarette Cartridges with Outstanding Flavors 

Whether you’re looking for a great e-cigarette starter kit, or you just want to find the best tasting e-cigarette cartridge flavors, you’ll find this review helpful.

I’ve been testing e-cigarette kits since 2005 and I’ve been through a lot of cartridges; from the great tobacco flavors of Vaporfi to the ghasty flavors of Green Smoke (now discontinued!).

Here's where to get replacement cartridges and batteries for your old Green Smoke or V2 ecig.

Of course e-cigarette cartridges flavors are subjective as we all have different taste preferences. I’ve confirmed my choices by checking out several ecig forums, as well as researching customer reviews on the respective vaping websites. Here are my selections for the best true to taste ecig cartridges.

It’s hard to find a bad cartridge flavor at Vaporfi. My favorite flavors are Very Vanilla, and Chocolate Dream because both taste true to their name. If you like a fruity vape, Cherry Crush is not too sweet. They have 2 tobacco flavors and 1 menthol too.

All flavors have 5 star customer ratings, and Vaporfi always has free shipping on all products.

I should also mention that Vaporfi has refillable cartridges that are clear, so you can see how much liquid is left in your cartridge. 

Vapor4Life has scores of great tasting cartridges. They carry 76 flavors and also have empty cartridges you can fill with any of your favorite e-juices.

Have you tried any of the flavors we like? We welcome all comments!

Happy Vaping.


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    • Shelia Martin on July 22, 2017 at 12:09 am
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    Does Halo ecigs offer free samples. I am thinking about changing companies but I’m not sure which one. I use the ecig cartridges, they are just more convenient than the tanks.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Ecig companies no longer offer free samples due to new regulations. It’s a “save the children” thing ;). Halo has a return policy, but only for unopened packages or defective product.

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