How Healthy Are ECigarettes and Other Popular ECig Questions Answered

There are no stupid questions when it comes to e-cigarettes! E-Cigarette News’ Mastervaper handles the toughest ecig questions with wisdom and good humor.

Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions About E-Cig Safety, Effectiveness and Tobacco Control

Have questions about e-cig safety?Wondering if it’s worth the effort and expense? E-cigarette News’ answer man, Mastervaper answers your important questions.

Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions: May Edition

Mastervaper is back on ecigarettenews to answer your most important questions about ecigarettes. As usual his answers are priceless.

Nicotine Addiction Scares; Promotional Scam to Aid the FDA

Slick promotional scare tactics about nicotine poisonings set a precedent for upcoming FDA e-cigarette regulations.

Review of Halo E-Cigs Triton Tank System

Halo’s Triton Tank System is one of the most outstanding eGo e-cigarettes I’ve tested.Their e-liquids are tops too. Here’s an in-depth review.

Percy the Parrot Predicts Your Spring Horoscope for 2014

A horoscope compiled especially for vapers and would-be vapers, E-Cigarette News’ Percy the Parrot offers his predictions for spring 2014.

Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions – April Edition

Mastervaper is back to answer all your e-cigarette questions, and like the spring season, he’s celebrating all things fresh and new including the new Mastervaper T-Shirt contest!

Belting Look Alikes – Samir Nasri and George Formby

E-Cigarette News’ belting look-alikes Samir Nasri and George Formby surprise Blackpool football fans.

E-Cigarette News Salutes Pro-E-Cigarette Scientists, Doctors and Researchers

Meet the champions of e-cigarette regulations-Pro-E-Cigarette Scientist, Doctors and Researchers who report the true science behind electronic cigarette safety.

NEwhere Disposable eCigar Review

New ecig company NEwhere’s Boss ECigar has quite a kick and zero Nicotine. You’ll enjoy a whopping 1000 puffs of really thick vapor before you toss it away.

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