Smoking Can Rot Your Brain

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Last updated on November 24th, 2019

Smoking Damages Your Ability to Reason 

abby normalWe all know smoking tobacco cigarettes is bad for your lungs. E-Cigarette News recently reported that smoking contributes to impotence and negatively affects sexual performance, but now there’s new evidence that smoking can rot your brain. 

If you were scared of the C word, now you add the D word to the list; Dementia.

Studies reported by BBC News Health and published in the journal Age and Ageing show that smoking damages your ability to reason and learn new things.

Smoking even lowers your consciousness. Hours listening to inspiring Deepak Chopra CDs won’t counter the decline either. Sorry; you have to stop smoking.

The good news is that if you do quit, you can ward off high blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular health; two important factors that keep our brain’s cognitive functions from declining.

People within this intensive study, who quit smoking by middle age were tested against those who had never smoked. After 20 years, the dementia risk of ex-smokers was no different to those who had never smoked.

The risk of Alzheimer's; however, more than doubled in people who continued smoking at least two packs of cigarettes a day in their mid-life.

What Are the Choices?

Twenty years ago smokers had a tough time trying to quit. There were few smoking alternatives or smoking cessation products available.

Today we have nicotine patches, gums, Chantix, other pharmaceuticals AND we have electronic cigarettes that deliver water vapor and nicotine within a device that closely mimics a real cigarette. 

How Do E-Cigarettes Compare to Other Nicotine/Drug Delivery Products?

A recent New Zealand study showed 57 percent of volunteers given e-cigarettes were smoking half as many cigarettes a day as before, compared to 41 percent of those who got nicotine patches.

The American Cancer Society says only 4 to 7 percent of people manage to quit without taking strong drugs. Those who do take those drugs, such as Chantix or Zyban can raise that rate to 25 percent. It’s too early to tell whether a non-pharmaceutical product such as an electronic cigarette has long term side effects or whether e-cigarettes will beat the Chantix rate. 

Can E-Cigarettes Improve Memory and Learning Skills Without Side Effects?

The risk of Alzheimer's more than doubled in people smoking at least two packs of cigarettes a day in their mid-life.

We now know that quitting smoking improves memory and learning skills. The trick is to do it successfully with as few side effects as possible. Vapers (users) of electronic cigarettes do not experience any of the dangerous side effects that have been reported by those taking strong pharmaceuticals. What's more, new studies are showing that e-cigarettes contain insignificant particles of harmful ingredients

The e-cigarette industry has seen enormous growth in the past few years with sales reaching nearly 2 billion dollars worldwide. While electronic cigarettes are not likely to be advertised as a smoking cessation product, ex-smokers have no trouble telling the world that they have helped them to quit.

Smokers at least have new choices. They can choose between a product that rots your lungs as well as your brain; they can choose to quit smoking by going cold turkey; they can take drugs that have dangerous, known side effects, or they can start vaping e-cigarettes, a product that has been empirically shown to be far less harmful.

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