E-Cigarette News Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Last updated on March 16th, 2018

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Here's a Fun Crossword Puzzle for All You E-Cig Fans and Fans of ECigarettenews.net

If you're e-cigarette challenged, no problem! Just click the link in the question and you'll be taken to a new page where you can find the answer. 

Oh..don't try to type in the boxes; it won't work. Yes, you have to print the page first, but hey, after you're done, you'll have another free ornament for your Christmas tree!


e-cigarette crossword puzzleACROSS:

2 – What is the short name for the ingredient in e-cigarettes known as Vegetable Glycerine?

6 – Premium Vapes calls its EGO filter a  _____________.

21 – What color are Frosty the Snowman’s new galoshes?

28 – How many steps are there in the FREE Christmas tree ornament directions?

53 – What brand of e-cigarette gives you a choice of Purple Iridescence as a color?

58 – One type of e-cigarette battery is lithium  ____.

63 – Frosty replaced his corncob pipe with an e-cigarette. What flavor did he get?

77 – What did Mme. Chaussette Cheville invent?


1 – One Vintage Cigarette Advertisement featured Former US President Ronald __________.

2 – What is the name of our contest mistress?

9 – What prize will Mme. Cheville, the star of our headline story offer on Kickstarter?

11 – Green Smoke E-Cigarette’s newest exotic flavor is _____________

14 – What do you have to keep adding to a 3-part electronic cigarette?

33 – What do you do to the Big Red Buttons on our Home Page?

62 – What’s the last name of the actress who stars in the funny NJoy commercial?



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