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Last updated on December 21st, 2019

Chucky Chester and Little Chucky Feature the Best E-Juice Flavors for July and August

Chucky Chester Ventriloquist and Vaper Taster Tester - e-cigarette news

Summertime is here and for our two vaper taster testers Chucky Chester and his pal Little Chucky, it’s also time to test some of the best e-cigarette e-liquid flavors for the season.

The Featured Flavors are:

Kai's Virgin Vapor – Thai Mango 

Kai's Virgin Vapor – Plum Crazy

Firebrand – Super Fuzz

Chucky: Let’s try some Kai's Virgin Vapor e-liquids! V.V. is unique in that they make 100% organic e-juices. You can also specify either a 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG), or you can leave off the PG all together.

Little Chucky: Absolutely. And I might add that when you do choose VG only, it’s truly without any Propylene Glycol, not just “nearly all VG” as in other custom blend e-liquid companies.

Chucky: Just remember to steep them a while to let the true flavor emerge. They do arrive fresh from the lab. Here’s one we’ve steeped for several weeks – Organic Thai Mango – from their alcohol free Absolute line of e-juices mixed with 50/50 PG/VG ratio. [he inhales] Talk about a juicy summer vape!

Little Chucky: I love Mangos although I’ve never tried any from Thailand. [he exhales]

If this is what they taste like, it’s quite fragrant. I did read some reviews where people notice a bit of Thai basil in the mix, but I would say it’s more like an essence of mango flower lurking in the background. 

Chucky: This 12 mg nicotine level gives you a nice throat hit. I’d call it a potent, but sophisticated fruit vape. Definitely not too sweet or overpowering. 

Little Chucky: With Virgin Vapor’s Absolute line you get more intense flavors because the pure flavor extractions are really concentrated. I like that. What else from Virgin Vapor?

Chucky: This is their very popular Organic Plumb Crazy in a 50/50 PG/VG blend. [he inhales] Whoa!…Plumb juicy!

Little Chucky: [he exhales] Crazy man. Now I know why my Twitter friends love this flavor as an all year vape.

Chucky: It’s absolutely delicious plumb fruity. Not too sweet either. It has a very slight tang to it, as a true plumb flavor should. 

Little Chucky: We didn’t even have to steep it. Forget the tester size. Go straight for the 1 ounce  bottle. It should get you through the summer heat.

Chucky: Our last e-liquid test is from Firebrand. They’re one of the few e-liquid companies that pre-steeps it’s e-juice so it’s ready to vape. No chance of that waxy taste.

Little Chucky:: Or the cheap incense undertone.

Chucky: I know what you mean. This is their Super Fuzz, part of their USA Made 100% Pure Liquitine line -[he inhales] I’ve tested peach flavors before and I know some can be over the top, but this is perfect. Really juicy.

Little Chucky: [exhales] …without having to wipe your chin. Good vapor too. 

Chucky: Oooh, I forgot to mention our excellent eGo vaporizor. In any case, this is the perfect peach vape – fruity smooth, not sickly sweet. If you love peaches, you’ll like this one from Firebrand. You can choose from zero to 24 mg nicotine, but you can’t add extra flavor shots. Not a problem here;  this is perfectly balanced.

Little Chucky: I’m going to mix it with Firebrand's yummy vanilla ice cream flavor – Vestratto for a cool creamsicle taste. It that’s not the perfect beach vape for a hot summer’s day I don’t know what is. 

Chucky: You said it. And no if’s ands or nasty butts on my beach blanket.

Little Chucky: Happy vaping this summer! We’re on a well-deserved vacation in August, but we’ll be back with more vaper taster tester reviews in September! 

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