Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester and Little Chucky Test The Flavors of Love

Last updated on November 5th, 2018

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Say You Care with Romantically Flavored ELiquids  

Chucky Chester Vaper Taster Tester Valentines Edition

If you don’t know by now, Chucky Chester is E-Cigarette News’ official Vapor Taster Tester. He and his trusty sidekick, Little Chucky test e-cig flavors so you’ll know how they taste before you buy them, not after you’ve wasted your money.

In this edition, our dedicated duo tests flavors that say, “I love you” Not only are they yummy, they're free of those nasty chemicals that may or may not be dangerous…. but why take a chance when you can choose from the best diacetyl free e-juice.

Best e-liquid flavors

Here’s the official transcript of Chucky’s most recent Vaper Flavor Test.

Chucky Chester the Vaper Taster TesterChucky: It’s been a busy month Little Chucky and I’ve been exercising my award-winning taste buds in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

Little Chucky: I can only imagine how one romantically practices one’s taste buds.

Chucky: This year we're choosing only those brands that are third party tested for purity and safety. 

Little Chucky: Nothing like staying safe when you're feeling romantic. 

Chucky: I thought I'd start with Firebrand's showstopper flavor, Cirque!

Little Chucky: I love Firebrand! The peanut butter banana “Elvis” flavor is my fave, but I'm ready to test out Cirque. What's it like?

Chucky: It's a frosted cupcake flavor with fruit loop undertones, so Very sophisticated. [he inhales]

Little Chucky: [exhales] Oh wow..the lemony cake flavor adds just a bit of tartness to tame down the sweetness. Divine.

Chucky: This love potion is also 80% VG so it's perfect for your sub ohm vape mod.

Little Chucky: …and free of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl.

Chucky: Absolutely! And I have to mention, Vapor Digest rated Firebrand one of 5 Top Shining Stars of the US e-liquid market.

Little Chucky: I personally rate them #1. What's next? 

Chucky: Next up is Halo E-Cigarette's Belgian Cocoa. Did you know chocolate is the #1 rated aphrodisiac food?

Little Chucky: Indeed I do. It’s right up there with oysters, but I’d much prefer to vape chocolate.

Chucky: Indeed, so let’s get on with it.  [he inhales]. Lovely dry cocoa undertones, yet there’s a sweet chocolate top note.

Little Chucky: [exhales] Nice! Not too sweet or too bitter like some other brands I won’t mention. A bit heavy, though. It would be nice after a meal. If I vaped this one all day I'd get chocky overload…unless it happens to be Valentine's Day.

Chucky: Halo’s Belgian Chocolate comes in a prefilled cartomizer as well as e-liquid and now they have a 70% VG blend, perfect for creating massive clouds with Halo's powerful Reactor vaporizer. No nasty chemicals either. Now that's sweet too. 

Little Chucky: And of course without the calories or the carbs. 

Chucky: Moving on….Here’s one our favorite brands for the best e-cigs and e-cig juice – Vaporfi. This e-liquid combination is 2 shots of Cheesecake Divine and 1 shot of Strawberrylicious in a 1.2 nicotine level.

[he inhales]

Little Chucky: [he exhales]. Ahh… I can taste a hint of the graham cracker crust… although Cheesecake is kind of a weird vape.

Chucky: Ah, but I'm kind of a weird guy so I like it. The Strawberrylicious mix fills it out beautifully and makes this vape very sensual. 

Little Chucky: If I order it in a high nicotine mg will it intensify my senses?

Chucky: I'll just have to order you some and find out. Here’s another from VaporFi perfect for sharing with the one you love – Pomegranate Passion. [inhales]

Little Chucky: [exales] Now this is exotic. Definitely not too sweet, more aromatic. It reminds me of a Pink Floyd concert I once attended.

Chucky: – You’re dating yourself, Little Chucky.

Little Chucky:  Well, I do like my own company when I go out for dinner.

Chucky: – I’ll let that one pass. We have one more flavor to test today and it’s from 100% Organic e-liquid company, Kai's Virgin Vapor. 

Little Chucky: Perfect for the virgin in your life. Or her sister.

 Kai's Virgin Vapor is one of the few e-liquid companies that offers floral flavored e-liquids. This one is called “Bed of Roses”.  
 [he inhales]

Little Chucky: [exhales] Pair it with that Belgian Cocoa and you've got a classic romantic combination! A lot cheaper than the chocolate box and the bouquet too. This one's a no brainer…and I should know. 

Chucky: – Clever fellow. Here's wishing all our vaper fans love and laugher be it Valentine's Day or any day you're in the mood for love.

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