ECigarette News’ Vapor Testers Review the Best Custard Eliquids

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2020

Fall is a Time for Comfort Food, Comfort Vape Juices and Holiday Fun!

Chucky Chester and Little Chucky vaper testers Halloween costurmes

Our Vapor Taster Testers are back from Atlanta’s Vape-A-Palooza with some of the best custard flavored e-liquids on the market. 


Chucky: I have to admit that as reviewers of e-liquids I sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of e-juice companies and flavors. It’s got to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, even with all kinds of ecig regulations looming in the background.

Little Chucky: I’m never overwhelmed, in fact, I can never get enough. E-juice is my diet staple.

Chucky: You do look all skin and bones lately.

Little Chucky: You look like you've vaped a few too many too.

Chucky: Still, I'm happy we picked up a truckload of e-juice samples to bring our readers the best new e-liquid companies and their cream of the crop eliquids.

Little Chucky: All of which happen to be custardy and creamy. We tested zero nicotine eliquids but all eliquids mentioned here are available up to a high 24ml of nicotine.

Chucky: Lets vape some of our favorites. Our first review is for Vape Orenda's Whirling Dervish. Top of our faves list.

Vapeorenda whirling dervish eliquid

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Little Chucky: (exhales) Ahh…this is sheer delight. Deliciously complex.

Chucky: A rich vanilla custard with a delicious hint of spice and tobacco.

Little Chucky: It’s so delicious I can’t taste any tobacco.

Chucky: There are also subtle notes of honey, but Whirling Dervish is far from a candy land vape. 

Little Chucky: We even coughed up the cash to buy two 30ml bottles (the only size available) and they were $22 each.

Chucky: Better still…I got an automatic 10% off coupon for all our fans. Simply visit their online retainer, and give Whirling Dervish a whirl. It's now my all day vape and I bet it will be yours too.

Little Chucky: Whirling Dervish was second only to Mt. Baker Vapor’s Vanilla Custard eliquid.

Chucky: I just happen to have some here. (he inhales) 

Little Chucky: (exhales) Ahhhh. Another rich, creamy blend with absolutely no waxy aftertaste or freaky perfume flavor. 

Chucky: And the best thing about Mt. Baker Vapor is that you can pick your PG to VG ratio. 

Little Chucky: …and the number of flavor shots.

Chucky: Some of our very favorite flavors came from Elven Forest Vapor.

These eliquids are made by elves, in fact, some of them were there at Vape-a-Palooza.

Little Chucky: Magically handing out our free samples.

Chucky: (he inhales from his Vaporfi Platinum Clearomizer Tank)  

Little Chucky: (exhales). This has zero nicotine and still satisfies! It’s a true to taste, very creamy cheesecake, heavy on the toasty graham cracker crust. Yum! No artificial flavors in this vape. Tastes freshly baked.

Chucky: Exquisite flavor and no nasty Diacetyl. All Elven Forest Vapors are 100% pure American Elf eliquids.  They’re available in 50/50 PG/VG or 25/75 PG/VG and you can get them in either 15ml or 30ml bottles.

Little Chucky: Uh oh! Just learned that this wonderful supplier is no longer in business! Let's move on.

That’s about it for our Cream of the Crop for Fall edition.

Little Chucky: It’s almost Halloween so we really should review one holiday vape. I didn’t dress up in this costume just for custard.

Chucky: Avail Vapor does have a flavor for the Ghostbuster in every vaper. It’s fittingly called Ecto-Ecto and it’s so good it’s scary. (he inhales)

Little Chucky: (exhales). Oh yeah. Spooky good with shades of Ecto Hi-C cooler which you can’t even get on eBay. Ecto-Ecto is a fearless tangerine citrus which is why I’m using my Kanger ProTank2.

Chucky: We hope you enjoy the season and go to a lot of Vaping parties! Helpful comments and questions are always welcome.

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