Best E-Cig EJuices for Spring

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Last updated on November 24th, 2019

May is the Month for Flowers so it’s Fitting that our Vaper Taster Testers Chucky Chester and his pal Little Chucky are Testing the Best Floral ELiquid Flavors from Kai's Virgin Vapor. 

Vaper Taster Testers Chucky Chester and Little Chucky

Chucky Chester the Vaper Taster TesterChucky: Vaping can be such an adventure with so many exotic flavors to test. This month, Little Chucky and I are taking a break from the sweet and savory flavors and venturing into the exotic, phenomenal world of floral smokejuices.

Little Chucky: No passports needed, just a good ecig vaporizor and tank. I’ve got my Vaporfi Pro charged and ready.

Chucky: Today’s fabulous lineup of flavors is from the award-winning organic e-liquid company Kai's Virgin Vapor.

Little Chucky: Artificial ejuice flavors are so 2007

Chucky: We’re going to test 4 of those award winners.

Little Chucky: Why do you think they call the company Virgin Vapor?

Chucky: I would venture to guess it’s because they make one of the purest e-liquids available.

Little Chucky: They also have a line of e-liquids called Absolute, not to be confused with the alcohol company which also makes flavors. Interesting that Virgin Vapor’s Absolute e-juices contain absolutely no alcohol. 

Chucky: Neither do they contain any Propylene Glycol, unless you specifically request it.

Little Chucky: That’s true of all their custom eliquids.

rose-imageChucky: The flavors we’re testing are certified under European Organic Standards although they are 100% USA E-Liquids. Let’s get started! Our first flavor is Organic Bed of Roses. ([he inhales]

Little Chucky: [exhales]. Oooooh It’s definitely rosy, but without any perfumey taste 

Chucky: And there’s a subtle fruity undertone that’s also a bit tarty.

Little Chucky: Not very Virgin in that regard.

Chucky: If you like rose water confections, or just love the smell of tea roses, this is a must try.

Little Chucky: I loooove that Virgin Vapor lets you buy sample packs of three…after all they have 70 flavored ejuices. 

Chucky: Here’s another of their award-winning floral flavors Organic Blue Violet. [he inhales]violet_image

This reminds me of those exotic violet candies that are so hard to find in the U.S. 

Little Chucky: [exhales]  They say it’s from wild crafted blossoms. I don’t know exactly what that means but this vape is very crafty. Kinda grows on you. What’s next?

Chucky: Would you believe Hummingbird fuel? [he inhales]

Little Chucky: [exhales] Oh honey!

Chucky: Yes dear?

hummingbird_imageLittle Chucky: This is nectar alright. A true honey taste, but slightly floral. Very interesting if you like your vape somewhat sweet but complex.

Chucky: I agree. So many flavors I’ve tried are so one dimensional. I have to say Hummingbird fuel is liked spiced honey with a fragrant floral undertone. 

Little Chucky: I wonder if I’ll attract hummingbirds? 

Chucky: Better than woodpeckers, my friend.

Little Chucky: Any more spring flower flavors from Virgin Vapors?

Chucky: Actually, they have two more…Lemon Rose Water and Night Blooming Jasmine, but we’ll have to buy that sample pack and report back in a future vaper taster test!


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