Percy the Parrot Predicts Your Spring Horoscope for 2014

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Last updated on December 21st, 2019

E-Cigarette News' Percy the Parrot Has Some Savvy Predictions for Your Spring Horoscope 2014

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Spring is in the air along with the sweet smell of flowers and rain. Pollen abounds too which can put a bit of a damper on the spring festivities, but if you look to the bright side, as does Percy, E-cigarette News' own Predictor of Horoscopes and all things e-cig, the season will start and end on a positive note. 

Compiled especially for vapers and would-be vapers…Here are Percy’s predictions for spring 2014.

Aries Zodiac SignAries

This season prepare to reap the fruits of a recent investment! In a very short time you’ll find life is even more delicious than your cherry flavored cartridge. Jupiter in your 5th house means you are beginning a new chapter in your life, not only emotionally but also in your development as an individual.


TaTaurus Zodiac signurus

Both Saturn and Scorpio are still demanding guests in your 7th house of love and social activities, so your relationships continue to be tested. This goes for business partnerships too. Despite it all, this season you’ll free yourself from limits which you yourself have imposed. You have the power to be less needy and less dependent on others. I recommend you stop bumming ecig cartridges and buy your own.


Gemini Zodiac signGemini

The good news this spring is that Jupiter is moving into your Income Zone! That means good fortune is on the way. Still, he demands that you throw away your dependencies and take the stage. That means stop blaming others for your problems! It’s a great time to get rid of dead weight and toxic people and cigarettes (if you haven’t already done so).


Cancer Zodiac sign


You’re in a state of emotional enchantment this spring and it may be hard to distinguish between beautiful princes and princesses and a large variety of toads. Jupiter passing through Cancer will help you somewhat, but the real excitement lies in the fact that you'll be exposed to new situations you have never thought possible and you'll radiate enormous charisma. It must be that new Premium eGo you’re vaping! Uneducated people will criticize you but just tell them to buzz off and do the research.


Leo Zodiac sign


Jupiter is still your 12th house of spirituality this spring so there’s no need to be afraid to serve some higher purpose or goal. It just could bring you a profound sense of peace and completeness. Saturn is still laying on heavy commitments, but you have great energy and have shown tremendous will power. Just my intuition, but have you quit smoking or have gotten back in shape? You do look marvelous!  Okay…maybe it’s just those cool new shades.


Virgo Zodiac sign


You are the social queen (or king) of the season! That means this spring will be filled with love and laugher. Since Neptune made a major move into your 7th house, you have the power to influence others in a very positive way. As for your personal goals…you must first let go of those unhealthy habits. (Hint hint). After you do that, you can go back to the party.


Libra Zodiac Sign


Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, is stilling lurking in your 6th house of health this spring. He’s also making you feel restless, and a bit extravagant,.. and you certainly have been reckless this year..but in the long run it’s all good! My advice? Channel that recklessless. Take a trip abroad. Vape on the airplane!.. just don’t blow vapor in the flight attendant’s face.


Scorpio Zodiac sign


Saturn is still lurking in your own sign which means more responsibilities and more challenges at work. You’ve already made some positive changes in your life, but the good news is that Saturn’s regenerative powers is helping you get through it all. So are those ecigs!…and the best news is that they're allowing for greater closeness with others.


Sagittarius Zodiac signSagittarius

 Pluto’s journey through Capricorn and your solar second house will have an impact on your values and finances. You’ll get smarter with money and investments and you’ll start to change some old worn out habits. You already know E-cigs are more economical than smoking..but you’d better get started, or your friends and relatives will give you grief.


CCapricorn Zodiac signapricorn

Your ruler, Saturn, continues to transit Scorpio and your eleventh house. That means more frustrations will abound. Why? Because you still take on too much! Delegate, delegate, delegate and while you’re at it.. chill out. If work is frustrating, expand your horizons.  Whatever path you’re on isn’t good for your health. I recommend blogging about unfair e-cigarette regulations.


Aquarius Zodiac sign


Saturn might slow you down, but he won’t stop you! Spring, springs you into creative encounters, so express yourself and your creativity! Buy that chartreuse vape pen and blow some vapor in your boss’s face.


Scorpio Zodiac signPisces  

Neptune your ruling planet is still laying on the good fortune and self-esteem but don’t forget to use it wisely. Chiron opposite Pluto at the end of April makes for a positively explosive influence. My advice.. Don’t mess with those do-it-yourself ecig mods. If you must play, mix up some cool e-juices from Mt. Baker Vapor.


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