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Latest ECigarette News and Studies in Electronic Cigarette Safety

Ecigarette Scientific Testing

Here’s ECigarette News’ report on recent scientific testing and electronic cigarette safety. Included are FDA and ecig advocate organization calls to action.

Most Active Vaping Advocate Groups Fighting for Fair ECigarette Regulations and Practices

Vaping Advocate Groups

E-Cigarette News is pleased to list and define the Most Active Non-Profit Associations and Core Groups in Vaping Advocacy. 

How to Blow In the New Year Without Coughing Your Guts Up

New Year's Party blower

Happy New Year! Here’s how to make this year better than last year with a holiday gift you won’t want to throw away.

Your 2015 Love Horoscope by Percy

Percy's Love Horoscope e-cigarette news

E-Cigarette News is pleased to present Percy – the Parrot with a pension for probable predictions. Here is your 2015 Love Horoscope.

Why the Tobacco Industry Sells E-Cigarettes

The tobacco industry currently makes about 50% of the “stick” style ecigarette brands sold; but are they in it because of the profits? I think not.

Nicotine Addiction Scares; Promotional Scam to Aid the FDA

handshake meeting

Slick promotional scare tactics about nicotine poisonings set a precedent for upcoming FDA e-cigarette regulations.

Percy the Parrot Predicts Your Spring Horoscope for 2014

Percy's Easter Horoscope e-cigarette news

A horoscope compiled especially for vapers and would-be vapers, E-Cigarette News’ Percy the Parrot offers his predictions for spring 2014.

E-Cigarette News From Vaper Girl

Christmas Vaper Girl

Looking for hot deals on E-Cigarettes and accessories? Vaper Girl keeps you up to date.

Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities

Johnny Depp vaping

E-Cigarette News celebrates celebrity vapers who fearlessly flaunt their e-cigarettes in public, or they’re been caught on camera enjoying their vapes.

Percy’s Predictions For Electronic Cigarette Regulations 2016

Percy the Parrot Predictions on e-cigarette news

Percy the E-Cigarette News’ celebrity psychic offers his predictions for the (hopefully) imminent e-cigarette regulations.

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