The Great Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions – March Edition

Last updated on October 4th, 2017

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E-Cigarette News' Celebrity Know It All, Mastervaper, Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions


In the tradition of revered advice column celebrities Dear Abby, agony aunt Irma Kurtz and dare we say Britany Spears, E-cigarette News presents the wit and wisdom of our beloved, irreverent Mastervaper.


Don't forget to send him all your e-cigarette questions. He's sure to answer them, and hey, you may win a Mastervaper T-Shirt.


monster-7FROM ADELLE, Illinois, USA



Dear Mastervaper,

What e-cigarette flavor do you recommend for St. Patrick's Day? Is there such a thing?




Dear Adelle,

Yes, from what I understand there is such a thing as St. Patrick's Day. In answer to your first question, I'll do more than just recommend e-flavors to celebrate the season, I suggest you throw a St. Patrick's Day party, invite all your vaping friends, and serve e-liquids and Cartomizers. If you give them food and drink too, your party will be a real hit.  

As for those St.Paddy perfect flavors….

For your V2Cigs friends, Peppermint is perfect, although my V2 fave is Mint Tea which is sure to inspire spirited conversation. 

For anyone with a tank clearomizer, (which is the going trend these days), having lots of VaporZone‘s Top Shelf Bourbon on hand is a no brainer. It's the closest thing to Irish Whiskey. Of course, they also offer Irish Cream!

Give everyone my fond regards and have a Happy St. Paddy's Day!




monster-5FROM JERRY, New Jersey, USA



Hi Mastervaper,

I just got a Halo Triton Tank system. The vape is awesome. I’m using their Tribeca e-liquid which is great, but the box the kit came in smells like glue. Really put me off, I had to toss it and air out the tanks and batteries. Is this typical of Halo products?




Dear Jerry,

I have a Triton Tank too and I adore it – especially the battery colors. The purple iridescent one matches my favorite shoes. Sometimes they smell too, but only when I don't watch where I'm stepping. But I digress. You say the Halo box smells like glue? I may be the wrong one to ask because I like the smell of glue. Then again, I gave up that nasty habit when I was ten. I suggest you call Halo’s customer service, send back the box and keep your Triton Tank kit in an empty box of chocolates.

Happy Vaping,



monster-2FROM ERNEST, Manchester, UK 



Dear Mastervaper,

I’ve been reading about these huge new e-cigarettes like Provari and EVIC that give you a lot of vapor. They look pretty cool. Where can I get one for a good price? I’ve got to get off the Marlboros and they’re costing me a fortune.




Dear Ernest,

By the looks of those e-cigarette “mods” I would venture to guess you can get one at Pep Boys or Auto Zone. Ha ha..just kidding. Third generation e-cigarettes are for senior vapers (and I don’t mean the over 60 set). They’re mainly for e-cig hobbyist who think messing with lots of metal parts, wicks, tips, drips, coils, mAh, Ohms, volts, and wattages are more fun than having sex. Imagine what you’ll look like vaping a car piston after sex. Certainly not my style.


As for price, the ProVari microprocessor controlled electronic cigarette starts at about $160, and that’s without the  tank, charger, battery or e-juice. Get yourself a nice vaporizer from Vaperfi if you don’t want a cig-a-like. For $79.99 (not including e-liquid), you’ll get a great e-cigarette, monster vapor and killer features that won’t kill your budget. If you’re still set on a ProVari, try a miniprovari to get your feet wet. We’ll be reviewing them soon!

Stay safe,



monster-3FROM SHIRLEY, Florida, USA



Dear Mastervaper,

I need an e-cigarette that has a good tobacco flavor. I tried one from Green Smoke but it tasted more like smelly socks. What do you recommend?

Shirley S.
V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

Dear Shirley,

I predict that one day there will be a new e-liquid called Smelly Socks that will disappoint vapers because it tastes like tobacco. I suggest you save that GS Cartomizer for a generation or two and sell it on eBay for a fortune.

May I suggest V2Cigs V2 Reds. They come close to the real thing. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of tobacco flavored e-cig cartridges or liquids. It’s one taste that reminds me of smelly cigarettes. I much prefer the taste of Cola or Vanilla.

Stay sweet,


Mastervaper answers new e-cigarette questions every month on Send all questions to Mastervaper. He lives for the attention.


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