The Great Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions – March Edition

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Last updated on December 21st, 2019

E-Cigarette News' Celebrity Know It All, Mastervaper, Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions


In the tradition of revered advice column celebrities Dear Abby, agony aunt Irma Kurtz and dare we say Britany Spears, E-cigarette News presents the wit and wisdom of our beloved, irreverent Mastervaper.

Don't forget to leave all your e-cigarette questions in the comments. He's sure to answer them. 

monster-7FROM ADELLE, Illinois, USA


Dear Mastervaper,

What e-juice flavor do you recommend for St. Patrick's Day? Is there such a thing?



Dear Adelle,

Yes, from what I understand there is such a thing as St. Patrick's Day. In answer to your first question, I'll do more than just recommend e-flavors to celebrate the season, I suggest you throw a St. Patrick's Day party, invite all your vaping friends, and serve e-liquids and fresh vape tanks.  If you give them food and drink too, your party will be a real hit.  

As for those St.Paddy perfect flavors….

For anyone with a tank, having lots of Vaporfi‘s Top Shelf Bourbon on hand is a no brainer. It's the closest thing to Irish Whiskey. Of course, they also offer Irish Cream!

Give everyone my fond regards and have a Happy St. Paddy's Day!


monster-5FROM JERRY, New Jersey, USA


Hi Mastervaper,

A few years ago I got a Halo Triton Tank system. It still works but I want to buy a new TritonII. Will it still come in the same box as before? I remember it smelled like glue and I had to toss it and air out the tanks and batteries. Is this still typical of Halo products?



Dear Jerry,

I have a Triton Tank too and I dislike it. The purple iridescent one matches my favorite shoes. Sometimes they smell too, but only when I don't watch where I'm stepping. But I digress. You say the Halo box smelled like glue? I it still does, but I like the smell of glue. Then again, I gave up that nasty habit when I was ten.

Happy Vaping,



monster-2FROM ERNEST, Manchester, UK 


Dear Mastervaper,

What's the biggest ecig I can buy?



Dear Ernest,

By the looks of some Mods” I would venture to guess you can get one at Pep Boys or Auto Zone. Ha ha..just kidding. High Watt and TC Mod are for senior vapers (and I don’t mean the over 60 set). They’re mainly for e-cig hobbyist who think messing with lots of metal parts, wicks, tips, drips, coils, mAh, Ohms, volts, and wattages are more fun than having sex. If that's you, or you need to get HUGE vapor clouds and wow flavor, just about any ecig  site will sell you one. Just make sure it's genuine and not a clone.

According to Vaporfi

Popular Mods on the market today include the SMOK Alien 220W TC and the Vaporesso Switcher LE 220W Vape MOD, both offering extensive customization options, smart designs, and user-friendly interfaces.

Stay safe,





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