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ECIGARETTENEWS.NET – We're Not Afraid to Say What's on Your Mind 

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E-Cigarette News is like no other e-cigarette site on earth, but you may be wondering about our diverse style, which can venture into some humorous territory. (just check out our humor section).

ECigaretteNews.net is for real. Were not blowing smoke…we're vaping! We have a dedicated staff of professional writers, artists and researchers headed by award-winning designer and passionate vaper Cb Miles. 

We believe e-cigarettes are not only a good thing, they're here to stay, and we enjoy celebrating the electronic cigarette phenomenon with good news and valuable information.

Just what kind of news magazine is E-Cigarette News anyway? Is it just for vapers? Is it for holiday fun-seekers? Is it for football/soccer fans? Is there any valuable e-cigarette news here? We say “yes” to all!

In the months to come we'll bring you savvy advice with a smile, valuable prize giveaways, entertaining videos and important news stories.

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Thanks for the visit. Have Fun and Happy Vaping!

The Editors      

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