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Vaporfi’s Best eGo Style Vaporizers – The Pro and the Pulse

Last updated on April 13th, 2017

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VaporFi's Top eGo Style Vaporizers – The Pro and the Pulse  

VaporZone Pro

VaporZone Pulse

We at E-cigarette News are big fans of VaporFi (formerly known as VaporZone). They are the sister company of best selling e-cigarettes South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke. We recently tested their line of eGo style vaporizers and accessories and boy.. were we surprised.

VaporFi is perhaps best known for it’s mix and match e-liquids where you can design your own flavors by choosing up to 3 different e-juices and strengths from their enormous flavor selection, but Vaporfi has really outdone itself with their innovative high-end second generation e-cig kits and accessories.

High Style And Power

VaporFi has 6 new outstanding vaporizers besides their traditional rechargeable e-cigarette. They vary from a compact refillable vaporizer called the Air (not to be confused with the SouthBeachSmoke Air), all the way up to a super powerful, feature packed model aptly called the EDGE, that’s a major contender in the high-end line of vaporizers.

This review features one of our favorites within the extensive VaporFi vaporizer lineup — the Pro Line.

The VaporFi Pro 

If you’re worried about dealing with a complicated vaporizer, forget it. The Vaporfi Pro is really easy to handle and the 1.5ml clear Premium tank is easy to fill and clean. The battery clearly displays your level of e-liquid. For an additional $3 you can get a 3.0ml tank. The Pro produces major vapor, the design is really cool and the battery is powerful. I can usually vape for the whole day before the battery runs out of power. 

Charging the battery is perhaps the trickiest part of the Pro. You have to unscrew a metal cover at the bottom of the battery to uncover the charging port.

One of the nice features of Vaporfi’s Pro Kit is that it comes with three additional atomizers so you have a good supply on hand when they burn out after a month or so of vaping. The Pro Starter Kit can also be used with the VaporFi Pro-XL, Platinum, Titan, Tank, Premium and Clear line of cartomizers. 

The Pro comes with a long lasting 650mah battery and you can choose one of their hot colored Pro batteries as there are ten colors. For $3 you can upgrade to a longer lasting 1000mah.

As of this posting, the Pro is only $48.97 for the kit. E-liquid is not included.

Vaporfi has many different tank styles that are compatible with the Pulse including different colored Clearomizer tanks and Pyrex/Glass tanks like the Platinum and Titanian. All tanks are priced reasonably and give you major vapor production.

VaporFi also offers the ProII Vaporizer with a powerful 3.7V, 650 mAh Pro battery and a fierce 1.5 ohm Pro-L II tank that is equipped with OCC atomizers.

All VaporFi hardware comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

vox kit from vaporfi

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