Dec 30

Percy’s Probable Predictions for the New Year – 2014

Percy the Parrot horoscopes

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first and last edition of Percy’s Probable Predictions for the New Year 2014.

Dec 30

E-Cigarette News Sports News Page for Sports News

E-cigarette News Sports News Peter Crouch

Why Pinocchio never plays football and why football is called football.

Dec 30

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa Uncovered

Mystery of the Mona Lisa -ecigarette news

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa Uncovered! An E-Cigarette News Exclusive destined to attract the interest of distinguished art curators and historians especially if they are vapers with a sense of humor.

Dec 30

Important Study Shows E-Cigarettes Are a Better Way to Quit Smoking

Lung Ashtray

A controlled e-cig test at the University of Geneva showed impressive results. Only 6 percent of those given e-cigarettes relapsed back to smoking tobacco cigarettes entirely.

Dec 30

Top Five E-Cigarettes for 2014 – E-Cigarette News

Halo G6 Starter kit

2014 is seeing some awesome new e-cig companies that are offering unprecedented hardware and flavor selections. Here are our Top 5 Picks for the best e-cigarettes on the market.

Dec 29

More Doctors Say STOP THE BAN- E-Cigarettes Save Lives

Cigarette Butt Skull

Doctors are saying that the banning of e-cigarettes is “nonsensical”. To dismiss them as a viable smoking alternative demanding absolute safety, is archaic.

Nov 29

Vaporfi – Mix Your Own Exotic E-Liquids and State of the Art Vaporizers

Vaporfi ecigs cut prices

Vaporfi, is one of the few electronic cigarette companies that meet our uber-high standards, combining e-liquid purity, totally anal safety standards, and custom features that would impress even the snobbiest e-cig affectionados.. (and I’ve met a few).

Nov 16

Good News – Vapor Couture Re-Vamps Their Accessories

Here’s some good e-cigarette news. Vapor Couture the first slim e-cigarette designed for women has a stunning, sophisticated new website design, and a cool new line of accessories.

Nov 08

What Is An E-Cigarette?

woman lady smoking e-cigarette

We’re spreading the good news about electronic cigarettes ( a/k/a e-cigarettes), and why they are swiftly displacing the century old vice of smoking tobacco.

Nov 05

Good E-Cigarette News Stories Around the Net

man with nicotine patch and cigarette

E-Cigarettes are better than nicotine patches; the FDA is protecting big business; E-Cig use is growing worldwide meaning millions will live healthier lives.