Feb 02

Belting Look Alikes – Jose Mourinho and Hood

Jose Mourinho and Hood look alike

Mourinho is the master of mind games in Barclays Premier League.
Hood is the master of mind control in Thunderbirds.

Feb 02

Belting Look Alikes – Arsène Wenger and Punch the Puppet

Look Alikes Arsene Wenger and Punch the Puppet

Arsène Wenger and Punch the Puppet look alike. As Wenger says “That’s the way we do it!”

Feb 01

Mastervaper Answers Your Valentine’s E-Cigarette Questions

It’s the month of love and E-CigaretteNews’ Mastervaper has the perfect answer to your hottest questions; especially if you’re thinking of giving and ecig to your significant other.

Feb 01

Belting Look Alikes – Oscar and Monkey Doll

Oscar and Monkey Doll Look Alike

Fans agree, Chelsea’s new midfielder, Oscar is swift, nimble and cute. Of course we found an adorable stuffed monkey doll that’s a winning match.
Hey, it even shows his true colors.

Jan 28

VaporZone Commercial for 2014 SuperBowl

Official VaporZone Teaser Commercial for SuperBowl 2014 - e-cigarette news

Check out the full 30 sec. Scandalous commercial!

Jan 24

Fifteen Prominent Scientists Stand Up for Fair E-Cigarette Regulation

ecigarette scientists

Laws banning current levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes and e-liquids is not based on science according to recent scientific studies.

Jan 20

Give Your Heart a Little TLC – Try THR

Tobacco Harm Reduction

You may have heard the term THR in the news, especially if you’re following E-Cigarette News and articles relating to electronic cigarette safety, e-cig regulation or “gateway drugs”. Here’s what it’s all about.

Jan 16

Belting Look Alikes – Chucky Chester and Michu

Michu and Chucky Chester look alikes ecigarettenews

Swansea City’s Michu Scores a Striking Resemblance
to Chucky Chester & Little Chucky
the E-Cigarette News Vapor Taster Testers!

Jan 10

Regulators Claim E-Cigarette Advertisers Use Cartoons to Sell Products to Children

Halo Electronic Cigarette

Opponents of e-cigarettes continue to claim advertisers use cartoons to sell e-cigs to children. Here is an editorial from a former Cartoon Network executive.

Dec 30

Mastervaper Answers Your New Year’s E-Cigarette Questions

Mastervaper is back on ecigarette news to answer your e-cigarette questions with uncanny wisdom and good humor. Ask away. He’ll make up an answer every time.