Jun 03

Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions About E-Cig Safety, Effectiveness and Tobacco Control

Have questions about e-cig safety?Wondering if it’s worth the effort and expense? E-cigarette News’ answer man, Mastervaper answers your important questions.

May 06

Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions: May Edition

Mastervaper is back on ecigarettenews to answer your most important questions about ecigarettes. As usual his answers are priceless.

Apr 09

Nicotine Addiction Scares; Promotional Scam to Aid the FDA

handshake meeting

Slick promotional scare tactics about nicotine poisonings set a precedent for upcoming FDA e-cigarette regulations.

Apr 04

Review of Halo E-Cigs Triton Tank System

Halo Triton Tank vaping vaporizers

Halo’s Triton Tank System is one of the most outstanding eGo e-cigarettes I’ve tested.Their e-liquids are tops too. Here’s an in-depth review.

Apr 03

Percy the Parrot Predicts Your Spring Horoscope for 2014

Percy's Easter Horoscope e-cigarette news

A horoscope compiled especially for vapers and would-be vapers, E-Cigarette News’ Percy the Parrot offers his predictions for spring 2014.

Apr 03

Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions – April Edition

Mastervaper is back to answer all your e-cigarette questions, and like the spring season, he’s celebrating all things fresh and new including the new Mastervaper T-Shirt contest!

Apr 03

Belting Look Alikes – Samir Nasri and George Formby

George Formby and Samir Nasri look alikes

E-Cigarette News’ belting look-alikes Samir Nasri and George Formby surprise Blackpool football fans.

Apr 01

E-Cigarette News Salutes Pro-E-Cigarette Scientists, Doctors and Researchers

Professor John Britton

Meet the champions of e-cigarette regulations-Pro-E-Cigarette Scientist, Doctors and Researchers who report the true science behind electronic cigarette safety.

Mar 26

NEwhere Disposable eCigar Review

NEwhere Boss eCigar

New ecig company NEwhere’s Boss ECigar has quite a kick and zero Nicotine. You’ll enjoy a whopping 1000 puffs of really thick vapor before you toss it away.

Mar 20

E-Cigarette News From Vaper Girl

Christmas Vaper Girl

Looking for hot deals on E-Cigarettes and accessories? Vaper Girl keeps you up to date.