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With a Name Like PROHIBITED – It’s Got To Be Good

Last updated on October 7th, 2017 at 08:46 am

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New vape company PROHIBITED has hit the ecig market with style and panache, selling high tech, high end Vape Pens for Dry Herb and Concentrates.

In a bold move, best-selling ecig company VMR, has launched an exciting new vaporizer company called PROHIBITED. Intrigued by the name? Sure you are! I was too, so I had to check it out and report the big news. 

Despite the outrageous company name, there’s nothing illegal about PROHIBITED products. They simply offer a premium vaping experience for anyone interested in vaporizing dry herbs, wax and oils….and those interested are out there.

What's Your Preferred Prohibited Substance?

Dry herbs can be any leaf you like – from tobacco to marijuana. Although PROHIBITED doesn’t use the “M” word, they do call their Dry Herb Cartridge a ‘“Bud Cartridge” .

It's interesting to note; while I was preparing this post, and after I received the promotional material, PROHIBITED decided to remove their product slogan  “One Nation Under the Influence” from their website. After some thought, and in the interest of e-cigarette news, (and history), I unashamedly decided to display it above. After all, it's still on the packaging.

That said – regardless of PROHIBITED'S modest rollback from shock advertising, I predict this young vape company will garner the attention of huge audiences, reaching far beyond tobacco smokers looking for a safer, non-combustable smoking alternative.

Prohibited In the 5th Degree

Prohibited In the 5th Degree

Currently, PROHIBITED is offering just one vaporizer, called “In the 5th Degree”. The Kit, now priced at $199.99 includes everything a vaper needs to vape non-combustable dry herbs and concentrates. Unlike V2's Pro Series, There’s no need to buy extra cartridges for either substance.

The Prohibited “In the 5th Degree Vaporizer Kit” comes with everything you need to vape Dry Herbs, Wax or Oils.

There’s a  Stainless Steel Conduction oven for Dry Herbs and a Dual-Quartz / Titanium cartridge for Concentrates.

The Kit includes:

•1x In the 5th Degree vaporizer

•1x magnetic USB charging cord

•1x wall adapter

•1x In the 5th Degree Dry Herb Cartridge

•1x In the 5th Degree Concentrates Cartridge

•1x pick tool and 1x brush tool – for basic cartridge maintenance

With this vaporizer kit, you will be able to vape both Dry Herb and Concentrates (wax and essential oils), as well as charge your device via USB port or from a standard wall outlet. 

More PROHIBITED Products to Come!

Three additional Vape Pen products will be available very quickly, including some accessories that are growing in popularity.  

Prohibited- dabber

Prohibited- dabber

A powerful Dabber – For those who are out-of-the-know, “Dabbing” is the process of vaping concentrates from a “dab straw”. This is done by pressing a dabber against a heated dab rigs nail and inhaling the vape extracted from the wax or oil concentrate. 

Prohibited e-rig

Prohibited e-rig

An E-Rig Attachment – For those out-of-the-know, this is basically an electronic bong, powered by the vaporizer’s battery. 

Prohibited - In the 4th Degree Vaporizer

Prohibited – In the 4th Degree Vaporizer

In the 4th Degree –  A dual-use Vape Pen, similar to In the 5th Degree, yet slimmer and more discrete.

On to the Future of Vaping 

As the Vaping Industry grows, and as cannabis inevitably moves swiftly into the legal realm, we're destined to see more products offering smokers a more pleasurable, non-combustable way to enjoy dry herbs and concentrated oils and waxes.

Want to Check Out PROHIBITED Dry Herb and Concentrate Products?

With a Name Like PROHIBITED - It’s Got To Be Good
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With a Name Like PROHIBITED - It’s Got To Be Good
New vape company PROHIBITED has hit the ecig market with style and panache, selling high tech, high end Vape Pens for Dry Herb and Concentrates.
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