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New E-Cigarette TV Commercial – Friends Don’t Let Friends Smoke

Last updated on September 18th, 2015 at 11:45 am

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Cigarettes, You've Met Your Match 


Gutsy electronic cigarette company, Njoy has cleverly skirted around the “what not to say” e-cigarette advertising rules with a new commercial that focuses on good health. 

Stealing from the highly successful, safe driving ad campaign that once said, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”, NJoy has reworded the popular slogan to “”Friends Don't Let Friends Smoke”. 

While we choose not to include Njoy on our Top 5 e-cigarette list, as a reviewer and promoter of e-cigarettes I applaud the advertiser's artful approach to popularizing ecigs; a product that is now being acknowledged by many medical professionals as a lifesaver. 

“For everything friends do for each other,” a voiceover says. “This new year return the favor. Friends don't let friends smoke.”

Why is this Ad So Powerful?

I’m less concerned about our advertisement than children under the drinking age watching one long beer commercial that’s occasionally interrupted by football. – Craig Weiss, Ceo of Njoy

 E-cigarette companies cannot promote e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation product, nor can they make outright health claims about e-cigarettes. (To do so would be asking the FDA and other world health organizations to regulate e-cigarettes as medicines and that is not the goal.)

By taking a compassionate approach; one that focuses on family, love and trust, Njoy is able to get the message across without getting into the details of why “friends don’t let friends smoke”. They do; however, mention that e-cigarettes are “worth the switch” as a smoking alternative. 

Vapers worldwide who have become ex-smokers and all those who support ecigs as a powerful vehicle for harm reduction understand that euphemism.

The ad will run during the 2014 Super Bowl, but only in Miami, Denver, San Antonio, and Nashville. Some critics worry the add will offend parents who don't want their children to see people smoking in a TV ad. Actually, no one even smokes an e-cigarette in the Njoy commercial.

Craig Weiss, the CEO of NJOY commented, ”I’m less concerned about our advertisement than children under the drinking age watching one long beer commercial that’s occasionally interrupted by football. There shouldn’t be anything controversial about people wanting to advertise their products, especially when we are advertising a product that’s an alternative to a toxic product that kills people.”

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