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Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities

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The E-Cigarette News Red Carpet of Celebrity Vapers

The world is always focused on the glamour and excitement of the Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, sports figures in the news and the world's celebrity red carpet, but E-Cigarette News celebrates those celebrity vapers who fearlessly flaunt their e-cigarettes in public, or been caught on camera enjoying their vapes. Here are Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities. They are a small sampling of the ever growing roster of public figures who are happy to show off their favorite e-cigarettes

David De Gea

David de Gea using ecigarette -ecig news

The Manchester United goalkeeper was recently spotted vaping when the press covered the big news in international football that De Dea Real Madrid ‘s number one transfer priority.

 Julia-Louis Dreyfus 

Julia Louis Dreyfus vapingBravo Julia for boldly going where no celebrity has gone before – proudly showing your support for E-Cigs on camera at the 2014 Golden Globe awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio

 Leonardo diCaprio Vaping box vaporizer at SAG Awards 2016

Leo made an enormous statementat the 2016 SAG awards for boldly vaping his box style vaporizer (is that an iTaste?). He received many positive press reviews although The American Lung Association condemned him for giving up smoking for vaping. 

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy vapingNo telling how long this new co-host of ABC’s “The View” has been an advocate of e-cigarettes. We do know that she’s been the official spokesperson for bluCigs from the start. The photos we found of her vaping came from bluCigs ads. I bet she vapes Vapor Couture on her days off.

Stephen Dorff 

Stephen Dorff vapingDorff is another celebrity spokesperson for bluCigs and he has appeared in several of blu’s TV commercials. The photos we found of Stephen vaping came from bluCigs print ads. Maybe he vapes V2Cigs on his days off?

Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp vapingJohnny-Depp-300 We have 2 photos of Depp vaping. (The one on the left is from the movie “The Tourist”). We love these shots of Johnny because no one can say his endorsement glamorizes vaping. Point of interest..The photo on the right has had people guessing which MOD e-cigarette he’s vaping. What do you think?

Katherine Zeta Jones 

Katherine Zeta Jones VapingAlthough Katherine hasn't spoken to the press about e-cigarettes, talk has it she turned to e-cigs after husband Michael Douglas was diagnosed with tongue cancer. If only we had e-cigarettes years ago.  

I never had the pleasure of interviewing Katherine during my TV production days, but was privileged to interview Michael and I remember him as being thoughtful, considerate and intelligent. 

Sean Penn

Sean Penn VapingSean was photographed vaping at a recent conference on Expanding Cross-Section Coordination in Haiti held by the Clinton Global Initiative. I see he prefers a shorty cig-alike. Looks like a SmokeTip.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love vapingEverybody’s favorite bad girl, Courtney Love has reached a new level of stardom since she appeared in NJoy’s e-cigarette commercial where she gave the best performance of her career. See the NJoy video here.

 Bruce Willis  

Bruce Willis vapingLooks like Bruce is promoting ecigs too…or car pistons. Whatever ecig he's fondling it's gotta be the manly man's vape.

Most Controversial Celebrity Vaper 

Santa Clause


Vaper Shark had the guts to put up this billboard for Christmas 2013. It raised a lot of eyebrows and some people tried to sue them. Okay, it's tacky, but it sure got people's attention. I say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially when you’re trying to create awareness for e-cigarettes. 

A Little E-Cig Gossip  

Kate Middleton – The Dutchess of Wales 

Kate MiddletonIt's rumored that her royal highness was a habitual smoker. Story has it, that Kate was offered an e-cigarette kit with a year’s supply of cartridges as a wedding gift.  Sorry, there was never a follow up story as to whether she accepted the gift, nor has there been a photo of Kate vaping. Whoever does get the shot will not only make millions, but would be doing a great service to the British people and vapers everywhere.

Our “Guy You Hate to Love”  E-Cigarette Celebrity

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

I never thought I'd ever agree with anything that came out of Rush's mouth, but if it's an e-cigarette I'll make an exception. One of his favorite pastimes is pissing off other diners in restaurants by flaunting his e-cigarette; making no attempt to conceal the clouds of vapor. Rush also gets our Golden Rant Award.

But Wait, There's More! E-Cigarette Celebrities If you've found new celebrity vapers caught on camera, please let us know in the comments so we can update this post. Thanks and Happy Vaping!
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