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Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions: May Edition

Last updated on October 4th, 2017

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EJuice Ingredients, Vapor Smells and ECig Styles – Mastervaper Reveals Them All


It's hard to believe our Dear Mastervaper column is celebrating it's sixth month on-line! We've also awarded our second Mastervaper T-Shirt. Congratulations to Brittany H., our April contest winner.

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In the meantime enjoy Mastervaper's answers to your most urgent e-cig questions.


First Question, submitted by Brittany H.


Dear Mastervaper,

What sort of smell does the vapor emit?

Thank you,


Dear Brittany,

First, let me congratulate you on winning the Mastervaper T-Shirt! I know you’ve been a fan of ecigarette news for some time now and I’m thrilled you finally won something.

To answer your question regarding smells.…it depends on the e-cigarette! It also depends on how much vapor is produced and the specific flavor being vaped. It’s not a simple question to answer, but I am not a simple man, so I will explain as simply as I can.

Some of my colleagues possess the olfactory glands of a bloodhound and will tell you all e-cigarettes give off some level of odor, but I have found that some of the high-end first generation e-cigarettes – those that look like a traditional cigarette have practically no smell. They also have less vapor. That comes in handy if you choose to throw caution to the wind and vape on an airplane

Even the vapor from #1 best seller V2Cigs (which produces monumental clouds of vapor) is again, practically odorless. The odor you will smell depends on the flavor of the ecig.

Now some traditional ecigs, produce a more powerful fragrance. Peach flavored Eversmoke cartridges for example, smell like a truckload of peaches, but like all ecigs, the odor and the vapor never lingers for more than a few seconds. UPDATE!! THE MAKERS OF EVERSMOKE HAVE DECIDED TO DISCONTINUE THEIR ENTIRE PRODUCT LINE!


The larger EGO ecigs and those with tanks that hold your ejuice can produce massive amounts of vapor, but the scent depends on the eliquid. I personally love the smell of Halo’s Belgian Chocolate. It’s like being in Willie Wonka land and how bad is that?

I must say that even tobacco flavored smokejuice never smells foul as does a tobacco cigarette.  I suggest (to be on the safe side) you choose your flavors as you would choose your fragrance.

Enjoy your T-Shirt!


Second Question – Submitted by Carol S.

Dear Mastervaper,

How much e-liquid is safe for a child to eat?

Your fan, Carol

Dear Carol, Thanks for being my fan and I'm happy to answer your poignant question.

I am assuming you have been wooed by the media into thinking eliquids are poison. They are not, in fact, no one has been poisoned from ingesting eliquid. They may have thrown up copiously, but to date, not a single child has died from drinking ejuice. If you don't believe me ask the CDC.

I’m sure you’re a smart parent who knows to keep certain products such as bleach, eliquids and toothpaste out of the reach of children. Toothpaste you ask? Indeed. Far more youngsters are rushed to hospital for ingesting a tube of fruity flavored fluoride toothpaste than e-cigarette liquids.

Within the e-cig intelligentsia of which I am a premiere paid member, it is common knowledge that the only hazard there is to e-juice is the risk of irresponsible parenting.

Best of luck,


Third Question – Submitted By Nicolas H.

Nicolas H. avatarHey Mastervaper, 

What style do you prefer? Box style or eGo/Stick style?

Thanks, Nicolas

Dear Nicolas,

I prefer an e-pipe, but alas, it will be several months before my preferred brand, DirectVapor offers their new line of traditional e-pipes to customers. I do however, have a fine collection of Clearomizer tanks and eGo style vaporizers. 

Halo Tracer new vaporizerSome of my faves are from HaloCigs. I like Halo’s Triton Tank System which comes in fabulous colors and produces voluminous vaper, and I'm becoming addicted (a bad choice of words) to Halo's new Tracer even though I am not a fan of big metal mods that look like musical instruments.

Happy Vaping,


Fourth Question – Submitted by  Jim V.

Jim V. avatarDear Mastervaper,

What is the difference between oils and liquids in e-cigarettes?



Dear Jim,

E-Cigarette ingredients are listed as containing nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Some people are under the impression that PG and VG are oils, but they are not. Both are water soluble solutions.

Having said that, some of the the natural flavoring ingredients uses in ecigs such as Cineole and Ginger (to name just a few) are defined as “essential oils”. Our friends at the National Institute of Health consider them to be safe, in fact, they say they have antiinflamatory benefits.

If you don’t trust me, (or you’re really paranoid), check out Essential Oil Safety by Tisserand and Balacs, 1995. It’s a good reference for understanding potential toxicity and lethal dosages of essential oils. They do not recommend eating or drinking essential oils in mass quantities. 

Stay Safe,


See you next month! Don't forget to submit you e-cig questions to


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