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Mastervaper Answers Your E-Cigarette Questions – April Edition

Last updated on October 4th, 2017

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E-Cigarette Basics, E-Cig Ingredients, Easter EJuice – Mastervaper Reveals Them All



Mastervaper is back to answer all your e-cigarette questions, and like the spring season, he’s celebrating all things fresh and new including the new Mastervaper T-Shirt contest!

Everyone who asked him their e-cig questions this past month were entered into the giveaway. Congratulations to Jana G., our first winner! Look out Jana, this T-Shirt attracts admirers quicker than flies to dog dirt.

And now here are your questions and Mastervapers savvy answers!



Submitted by Jana

Dear Mastervaper,

How long does an e-cigarette last compared to a pack of regular cigarettes?




Dear Jana;

Congratulations on winning the Mastervaper T-Shirt! I know you will look stunning wearing it this spring, especially if you are vaping instead of smoking a nasty cigarette.  As for your question.. it’s a winner too, but it’s also a loaded question. Permit me to take a load off your mind.

First, I’m assuming you are talking about traditional rechargeable e-cigarettes and not disposable e-cigarettes. If so, a rechargeable e-cigarette will last you about as long as a pack and a half of regular smokes before you have to change the filter and recharge the battery. I’ll also assume you are normal (or reasonably so), and you will take a normal amount of puffs per e-cig, per half hour which is about 20 puffs. Of course “normal” is relative. In my case, I’m not normal, nor do I have any normal relatives, so I take about 30 puffs every half hour.

That said, you can get anywhere from 200-400 puffs on a cartridge, but here’s the tricky part. Not all e-cigarettes perform the same! It depends on three other factors.

1- The quality of the e-cigarette cartridge (the filter part)

2- The length of the battery (short, standard or long)

3- The quality of the e-cigarette battery

E-Cigarette News, Best E-Cigarette Guide, Cloud Nine and many other reputable review sites will help you find the best brands that will give you the longest lasting battery charge and cartridge vapor production for your money.

I personally recommend trying eliquids in a reliable e-cig tank system as the e-juice lasts even longer. This Easter I recommend Belgian Cocoa from award-winning Halo e-cigarettes which is divine.

Still, whether you’re a vape-a-holic or a casual vaper, you’ll still save money using rechargeable e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes.

Jana..Just in case you were asking about disposable e-cigs, they'll give you between 600 and 800 puffs before you toss them in the bin. Of course you may not like them, in which case you’ll toss them before you even get to 100 puffs.

Good luck and Happy Vaping!



Monster!Submitted by Rio – from the South Pacific

Dear Mastervaper,

Is it okay to smoke e-cigarettes in a non smoking room?

I'm questioning from the logical side. I mean the smell, its okay or not? Because actually is not a tobacco right?!?



Dear Rio,

I like you Rio because you are logical. You are also correct. E-cigarettes do not burn anything. They do not give off tobacco smoke or tobacco smell because they do not contain tobacco leaves as do regular cigarettes. Some people worry about the nicotine in second-hand vapor, but it’s now believed that e-cigarette vapor gives off very little nicotine.  Unfortunately too many self-righteous politicians and those who despise anything that looks like a cigarette ban them from “non smoking rooms” and other public places…even public parks and beaches.

I have to add that e-cigarette vapor can give off a slight smell, but at last evening’s spring break party, no one complained about the delicious smell of my Mt.Baker Vapor’s toasted marshmallow ejuice coming from my e-pipe. 

Stay logical,



Frank-JSubmitted by Frank, From the U.S.

Hi Mastervaper,

What's it like to use e-cigarettes?



Dear Frank,

Frankly Frank, that’s one of the easiest questions I’ve ever received. It’s also the most mundane. I bet you didn’t think I would actually post it for our scores of readers…but I did and I'm glad you asked.

To answer your question… Vaping an e-cigarette is very much like smoking, in that you can enjoy the physical sensation of smoking without inhaling all the toxic chemicals associated with real cigarettes. There’s no tobacco smoke, no tobacco smell, no ash and no flame; just flavored vapor which is created by a battery driven atomizer that heats up a solution of FDA approved ingredients. 

Those ingredients include food flavorings, (as in V2Cigs Vanilla), propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water and nicotine; although you can get e-cigarettes without propylene glycol or nicotine.

I might add that vaping is also good adult fun because there are so many cool flavor cartridges and e-juices to try out. Many people are horrified at the fact that it’s fun, but as a former cigarette addict, I’m certainly not. I suspect you won’t be either if you give them a try. Sorry you didn’t win the T-Shirt this month 🙁
V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide
Angela TSubmitted by Angela, from Washington

Dear Mastervaper,

Do the vapors have tobacco in it?




Dear Angela,

I see you also know how to get right to the point so I won’t waffle around with my answer, although I am right now enjoying waffle flavored vapejuice in my e-pipe.

Many people, including my good friend Rio are confused about whether e-cigarettes contain tobacco because e-cigarettes are now classified as “tobacco products” by most government agencies. I can't say this enough…there is no tobacco in e-cigarette liquid; however if you choose to order it, you can get nicotine in your e-cigarette cartridge or eliquid. Nicotine is not tobacco; nicotine is found in the tobacco plant as well as in many vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. Here’s a fun fact: Eating a healthy portion of moussaka will give you as much nicotine as being in a room with a cigarette smoker for three hours.

Here's a not so fun fact: Burning tobacco creates toxic smoke and delivers over 69 carcinogens. E-cigarette vapor does not burn tobacco because tobacco is not an ingredient.

Relax and Vape Happy,


Don't forget to send your e-cigarette questions to Mastervaper@ecigarettenews.net 

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