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Cb is an architectural designer who’s been vaping since 2009. He’s a football (soccer) fanatic, loves graphic design, gaming, and gourmet cooking. Check out the Miles Design website!
He also writes posts for Cloud Nine and Best-E-Cigarette-Guide.

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Feb 28

Belting Look Alikes – Stephen Ireland and Stephen Island

Stephen Ireland

Stokes City Footballer Stephen Ireland is barely a look alike to Stephen Island

Feb 28

Belting Look Alikes Michael Oliver and Harland Williams

Michael Oliver Barclays English Premiere League and actor Harland Willams

Belting Look Alikes Michael Oliver and Harland Williams. Dumb and Dumber?

Feb 11

Dogs Playing Poker – A Poster for Today

dogs playing poker smoking vegetables - e-cigarette news

Those famous Dogs Playing Poker have given up smoking in this politically correct version of the famous Coolidge poster. Biting commentary you might say.

Feb 02

Belting Look Alikes – Jose Mourinho and Hood

Jose Mourinho and Hood look alike

Mourinho is the master of mind games in Barclays Premier League.
Hood is the master of mind control in Thunderbirds.

Feb 02

Belting Look Alikes – Arsène Wenger and Punch the Puppet

Look Alikes Arsene Wenger and Punch the Puppet

Arsène Wenger and Punch the Puppet look alike. As Wenger says “That’s the way we do it!”

Feb 01

Belting Look Alikes – Oscar and Monkey Doll

Oscar and Monkey Doll Look Alike

Fans agree, Chelsea’s new midfielder, Oscar is swift, nimble and cute. Of course we found an adorable stuffed monkey doll that’s a winning match.
Hey, it even shows his true colors.

Jan 16

Belting Look Alikes – Chucky Chester and Michu

Michu and Chucky Chester look alikes ecigarettenews

Swansea City’s Michu Scores a Striking Resemblance
to Chucky Chester & Little Chucky
the E-Cigarette News Vapor Taster Testers!

Dec 30

E-Cigarette News Sports News Page for Sports News

E-cigarette News Sports News Peter Crouch

Why Pinocchio never plays football and why football is called football.

Dec 30

Meet Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester

Ecigarette news Ventriloquist and vaper taster tester Chucky Chester

Meet E-Cigarette News’ Chucky Chester, the Vapor Taster Tester and his sidekick, Little Chucky. Learn how e-cigs taste before you buy, not after you’ve spent your money.

Dec 30

Important Study Shows E-Cigarettes Are a Better Way to Quit Smoking

Lung Ashtray

A controlled e-cig test at the University of Geneva showed impressive results. Only 6 percent of those given e-cigarettes relapsed back to smoking tobacco cigarettes entirely.