Jan 22

A Vaper’s Guide to the Best E-Cigarettes for 2015

Here are ECigarette News’ picks for the Top Rated Ecig Companies for 2015. Each one is geared to specific style and taste.

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Feb 28

Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities

E-Cigarette News celebrates celebrity vapers who fearlessly flaunt their e-cigarettes in public, or they’re been caught on camera enjoying their vapes.

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Dec 30

Meet Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester

Meet E-Cigarette News’ Chucky Chester, the Vapor Taster Tester and his sidekick, Little Chucky. Learn how e-cigs taste before you buy, not after you’ve spent your money.

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Apr 14

Video on California’s Still Blowing Smoke Campaign Will Blow Your Mind

We were blown away by this video exposing the ugly truth behind anti-ecigarette campaigns orchestrated in California, New York and other major political venues.

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Mar 28

Latest ECigarette News and Studies in Electronic Cigarette Safety

Here’s ECigarette News’ report on recent scientific testing and electronic cigarette safety. Included are FDA and ecig advocate organization calls to action.

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Feb 19

I Don’t Care If E-Cigarettes Are Good or Bad

E-cigs can’t be advertised as a smoking cessation device. If that ever changes, it could be a breakthrough for world health, but for now, the joy of vaping is still good reason to celebrate.

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Feb 05

Most Active Vaping Advocate Groups Fighting for Fair ECigarette Regulations and Practices

E-Cigarette News is pleased to list and define the Most Active Non-Profit Associations and Core Groups in Vaping Advocacy. 

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Jan 28

FireBrand Liquitine Conducts Independent Lab Testing to Guarantee E-liquids are Free of Diacetyl and AP Chemicals

With FDA regulations still to come, eliquids companies such as Firebrand are using independent labs to test their ingredients down to a parts per billion level.

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Jan 20

Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester and Little Chucky Test The Flavors of Love

Chucky Chester and his trusty sidekick, Little Chucky test e-cig flavors perfect for Valentine’s Day so you’ll know how they taste before you buy them, not after you’ve wasted your money.

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Jan 12

Penn State Reports E-Cigarettes are Less Addictive Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Penn State’s nicotine dependency study of long-time tobacco users shows e-cigarettes are less addictive than cigarettes.

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Jan 04

How to Blow In the New Year Without Coughing Your Guts Up

Happy New Year! Here’s how to make this year better than last year with a holiday gift you won’t want to throw away.

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Dec 26

How I Learned to Love Vaping E-Cigarettes and Lose Weight Too

Virgin Vapor Logo

Vaping ecigarettes can help you to satisfy your sweet tooth. I found I actually lost weight using ecigs.

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