Feb 28 2014

Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities

E-Cigarette News celebrates celebrity vapers who fearlessly flaunt their e-cigarettes in public, or they’re been caught on camera enjoying their vapes.

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Feb 03 2016

Popcorn Lung – What is it and Can You Get it Using Ecigarettes?

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Jan 25 2016

Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester and Little Chucky Test The Flavors of Love

Chucky Chester and his trusty sidekick, Little Chucky test e-cig flavors perfect for Valentine’s Day so you’ll know how they taste before you buy them, not after you’ve wasted your money.

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Jan 04 2016

No Evidence E-Cigarettes Are as Harmful as Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

Tests conducted to prove e-cigarettes cause cancer actually show that vaping is not as harmful as smoking.

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Nov 25 2015

Best ECigarette Holiday Discount Sales – Infographic


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Nov 23 2015

Enter and Win a Halo Cigs Tracer Mod Starter Kit and High VG E-Liquid

Enter to WIN a complete Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Starter Kit with Everything you need for awesome sub-ohm vaping, including Halo’s Premium High VG E-Liquid in your choice of Flavor and Nicotine Strength.

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Nov 02 2015

Important E-Cigarette News – October 2015 Wrap-Up

Here are some of the most talked about e-cigarette headlines from October 2015

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Oct 25 2015

Why ECigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Cigarettes

This helpful infographic will open your eyes to the facts about the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes.

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Oct 12 2015

Prison Successfully Goes Smoke Free with Help From ECigarettes

A Guernsey, England prison easily goes smoke free when vaping is allowed.

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Oct 07 2015

ECigarette News September Wrap-Up

Business woman vaping

Here is a concise wrap-up editorial of the most popular vaping and ecigarette headlines for September 2015.

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Sep 13 2015

I Don’t Care If E-Cigarettes Are Good or Bad

Let the politicians fight the war for or against ecigarettes. For now, the joy of vaping is still good reason to celebrate.

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