Jan 22

A Vaper’s Guide to the Best E-Cigarettes for 2015

Here are ECigarette News’ picks for the Top Rated Ecig Companies for 2015. Each one is geared to specific style and taste.

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Feb 28

Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities

E-Cigarette News celebrates celebrity vapers who fearlessly flaunt their e-cigarettes in public, or they’re been caught on camera enjoying their vapes.

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Dec 30

Meet Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester

Meet E-Cigarette News’ Chucky Chester, the Vapor Taster Tester and his sidekick, Little Chucky. Learn how e-cigs taste before you buy, not after you’ve spent your money.

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Sep 02

Enter Here and Win a Halo Cigs Triton Tank System and ELiquid

Enter Here to Win Halo Cigs’ Award-Winning Vaporizer, The inimitable Triton Tank! You’ll also win a free bottle of Halo’s delicious e-liquid in the flavor and strength of your choice.

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Aug 24

ECigarette News – 2015 Late Summer Edition

ECigarette news headlines in the UK report e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than smoking. The US FDA moves on the offensive.

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Jul 28

Best US Cities for Vaping in Public

Wondering which cities are vape-friendly? Here’s a list of cities and states where you can find a park, bar or restaurant that welcomes vapers.

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Jul 19

You Can Win a V2 PRO Series – 7 V2’s Most Advanced Vaporizer

Learn More about  V2Cigs’ Most Advanced Vaporizer, The Pro Series 7.  This Giveaway has ended, but we promise to bring you more!

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Jul 16

One of the Best 50Watt MOD Vaporizers

With 50 watts of power, the VaporFi VOXII has features, specs and safety attributes that make this MOD a formidable contender in the advanced vaporizer market.

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Jul 01

You Can Win a Free Green Smoke ECigarette Pro Kit

Enter to Win a Green Smoke e-Vapor Kit. A $99.97 Value! This Giveaway hosted by Best E-Cigarette Guide ends Monday, July 6th, 2015.

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Jun 29

E-Cigarettes in the News – Early Summer 2015 Edition

Ecig news is seeing debates, new safety studies and a shift from moralistic dogma to greater recognition of the role of e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction.

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Jun 09

How to Choose Nicotine Strength in an ECigarette

What Nicotine Level Will Satisfy Tobacco Cravings? Electronic Cigarette cartridges and e-liquids come in various levels of nicotine. If you purchase an e-cigarette kit on-line, (the best way to go), you’ll be able to choose from zero to as much as an XXTRA strength level of 36 MG or 3.6% nicotine. I know that Vaporfi is one of the …

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May 26

ECigarettes in the News

Ecigarette News’ Spring 2015 Report on events relating to ecigarette safety and public health

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May 21

E-Cigarette Company Green Smoke Now Requires Adult Signature for US Deliveries

Always one cautious step ahead of FDA regulations, e-cigarette company Green Smoke e-Vapor is now requiring proof of age upon delivery for US domestic cartridge orders. This includes cartridges that do not contain nicotine. Green Smoke has announced that deliveries are being shipped in one of two ways. The first rule is clear and straightforward. – …

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