Feb 28

Our Favorite E-Cigarette Celebrities

E-Cigarette News celebrates celebrity vapers who fearlessly flaunt their e-cigarettes in public, or they’re been caught on camera enjoying their vapes.

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Dec 30

Meet Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester

Meet E-Cigarette News’ Chucky Chester, the Vapor Taster Tester and his sidekick, Little Chucky. Learn how e-cigs taste before you buy, not after you’ve spent your money.

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Dec 30

Top Five E-Cigarettes for 2014 – E-Cigarette News

2014 is seeing some awesome new e-cig companies that are offering unprecedented hardware and flavor selections. Here are our Top 5 Picks for the best e-cigarettes on the market.

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Dec 11

ECigarette and Vaporizer Battery Bling from Virgin Vapor

ECigarettes don’t have to be boring! Put some bling into your ecig battery with colorful, gemstone and decorative designs from organic eliquid maker Virgin Vapor.

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Dec 04

E-Juices That May Break Plastic Tanks

Vapers should be wary of using plastic or polycarbonate eliquid tanks with some highly acidic eliquids. Here’s a list of those likely to crack your tank.

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Nov 22

How to Make E-Cigarette Cartridges Last Longer

Here are some helpful tips for making ecigarette cartridges last longer, and for maximizing flavor and vapor production.

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Nov 15

The Best True to Taste ECigarette Cartridges

Whether you’re looking for a great e-cigarette starter kit, or you just want to find the best tasting e-cigarette cartridge flavors you’ll find this review helpful. 

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Nov 09

Dry Burning Your E-Cigarette Replacement Heads – Advantages and Risks

An advanced technique for cleaning atomizer coils in Cartomizers is called dry burning. Doing it correctly can be a challenge that may not be worth the effort.

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Nov 01

How to Clean an E-Cigarette E-Liquid Tank Correctly

If you want to enjoy refilling your clear or metal eliquid tank with different e-liquid flavors, you should know the correct way to clean your tank.

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Oct 30

V2Cigs EX Series – Stunning Design Combines ECig Ease of Use with Vaporizer Features.

A Long Lasting Battery and Cartridge with Added Features Makes V2Cig’s EX Series Outstanding I’ve been testing out V2Cigs’ new EX Series for the past week and I’m impressed with this innovative new e-cigarette system that takes vaping a traditional ecig to the next level. The New EX Cartridge First off, the EX Series has …

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Oct 23

Apollo E-Cigarettes – One of the Best for a Wide Range of Quality ECigs, Vaporizers and Tanks

Apollo has come a long way since 2010 when they first hit the ecigarette market. Today, it’s one of the best places to buy eGo Kits, batteries, and Clearomizers.

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Oct 14

Vaporizer Starter Kits from the Top Five E-Cigarette Companies

Here are the Best E-Cig eGo’s and Vaporizers from the Top Five E-cigarette Companies. Our list includes details about starter kit features and prices.

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Sep 30

ECigarette News’ Vapor Testers Review the Best Custard Eliquids

Fall is a Time for Comfort Food, Comfort Vape Juices and Holiday Fun! Our Vapor Taster Testers are back from Atlanta’s Vape-A-Palooza with some of the best custard flavored e-liquids on the market.    Chucky: I have to admit that as reviewers of e-liquids I sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of e-juice companies and flavors. It’s got to …

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